What car have I got?!


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Yes, I know that is an odd question to ask. I should know, since the car is sat in my garage...

I know I have a Lancer CE. I know it is a VR-X. I *think* it is a 2L engine. However, when I put the rego into sites for insurance, CTP, etc. the car always comes up as a 1.8 GLi. Same with Supercheap Auto's site. Rego search shows the car as a "MITSUBISHI LANCER CE CK5A 05/1996~09/2003 4 Door Sedan 1.8 litre, 4G93 I4 16v SOHC MPFI {86KW} FWD,MT,[JAPAN]"

The plate under the bonnet says "CE 0M41" - which shows no results on Google.

Carsguide.com.au says my car is a 1.8L engine, not a 2L. I certainly can't find any documentation to confirm I have a 2L, so it must be a 1.8L?




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i suppose it's possible that some previous owner engine swapped it and never told the relevant rego authority/etc. but i can't think why they would do all that work just for a 2.0, and not the 2.4

if you post up a picture of the engine bay (use the "attach files" button), someone will recognise what the engine is


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Sure fire way to make 100% sure, is check the engine number. It will be stamped on the engine block, under the radiator hoses, and will be the engine code (4g93 or 4g94), and a serial numbering i think of up to 6 or 7 digits.