Tapatalk - Does Anyone Actually Use It?


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At the moment Tapatalk is disabled as updating to the latest version self imploded.

Given that we now have mobile friendly forum software, I am considering ditching Tapatalk all together rather than spending hours to figure out why it is not working.

Does anyone have any objections to that?


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I use it cause I mainly take the photos on my phone and it's easy to upload via it
Yeah i use it for the same reason, so much easier to upload pics.
also the "normal" file upload never seems to work!


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Installed it, tried it, didnt like it, havent used it since.


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I've never used it but there are obviously those that do. Would seem the only way to transfer pics from phone without quite a rigmarole. Will this obliterate existing photos from tapa?
Better than systems that ran out of date or whatever and become useless clutter.
This is not an objection.
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Existing photos shouldn't be affected I would think.

I have tried to get it working again tonight and I have no idea what its problem is. I even tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling it. Unfortunately I do not have time these days to spend supporting buggy features, so I have permanently removed Tapatalk. Apologies for any inconvenience.

As for picture issues, you could probably see if the likes of Photobucket have their own apps for photo uploading from mobiles...


I've pinned Auslancer to my home page.
I do use Tapatalk frequently to follow multiple Forums for my car projects.
On other forums I can upload my photos directly from my files without using photobucket to generate a URL.
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