Spring setup for Lancer CH


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Hi, currently I’ve got king springs on my CH Lancer, but im looking for an upgrade (had a look around H&R and Eibach) but havent had much luck finding better springs for my lancer, can someone help me out find a better set of springs?

I’ve sourced Struts from “Buyautoparts” and Top Mounts from “carparts2u” is there anything else I need? I plan on putting the new springs onto the new struts

Its bit of a “if I get defected this is my full back plan.” I wanna have another set of struts setup with my stockies on just incase for the occasion, since I have been defected before with the lowered King Springs.


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I’ve been experimenting with Lancer ch suspension for my Ch Wagon for over 2 years before I found a compromise setup that I was happy with that covers comfortable ride and reasonable handling.
I tried 3 spring manufactures offerings along with coilovers using different spring rates. Just remember with any suspension mods you will compromise ride comfort for handling or vice vesa, you can’t have the best of both, not in our price range $$$$$ anyway.

What’s wrong with your suspension that you worried about being defected again, I guess your using the ssl springs and not the sl spring, prob the kcfl49 and the kcrl 48 at a guess, king springs don’t like to quote ride heights, so if they were 50mm they could have settled another 10mm, which would be a defect, they aren’t a bad spring just the same.

I tested kings / pedders / Lovell’s springs / eibach springs on evo shocks (front only obviously) but did have the rears, also pedders coilovers and bc racing, including different spring rates on coils, really want to try tein in future sometime.

A lot depends on wheels / tires / weight distribution / engine size / sedan or wagon it just goes on and on, quality of strut / spring rating a big factor as well.

If you want read a few previous articles on suspension on this forum , or pm me what you want to do.

MCA Suspension do really good suspension work as well, and make their own suspension components / coilovers