Speedo out

Brett Stolp

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I have a CE coupe 2001 running 205 55 16s and the speedo reads less than the actual speed. I think the speed sensor in the gearbox is geared. If this is correct can I buy gears with different numbers of teeth or is the a better way to correct this?


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Most people will use an electronic speedo "healer" to adjust for incorrect tyre sizes. Not overly an issue if you correct the speedo or not though, as you should be attentive to your speed regardless of if the dash is correct or not ;)
Most cars nowadays are out by 6 KM/H lass at 100KM/H my wife 2011 Auroin is from new I am sure, I was like f every bugger is overtaking me all the time and that never happened in the VY Commodore like that, I think my 2015 Lancer is out by 4km/h at 100KM/H easy.

4X4 are always speeding past me regardless, I don't know why maybe there speedos are set correctly. trucks fly past me and then some don't, I set the speed at 104KM/H and still they are passing me. I would happy sit on 130KM/H in 130KM/H zone if the Law was ok to do so, but I do not want to pay or loose points. because the Laws are insane with exceeding posed speed limit.

I just come back on the QLD Wivenhoe Somerset RD the whole lot is now only 80KM/H it's insane, no one could be so stupid to set such a low stupid speed limit f--- I was pissed off, I could not sit on it all the way for the life of me, boring as bat *poo*, if anyone wanted to drive at that speed one should not have a licence in the first place.