Replacement Strut Question


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Hi guys, recently purchased a CE Beater to learn to work on myself as I am a little to cautious to work on my EVO.

I'm just trying to get some cheaper struts so so the car is properly drive able before I start working on anything performance related.

I can get a good deal on KYB Struts just to keep things simple for the moment and I've got a mates garage/tools to work with. But I for the life of me cant figure out if I should be Buying the G-shocks with or with our Keyway.

Honestly I've been googling for hours and can't figure out what keyway is.

Any advice welcome


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You should be buying strut top mounts also when you replace the shocks, I would be surprised if they are new/serviceable. Just buy both keyway’d or both non keyway’d.

If youre set on just doing shocks, have a look at the current ones through the strut top mount. Under a cover, the thread pokes out. The un threaded end is longer on the non keyway shocks. This thread might help