Removing the front loom

Discussion in 'CE Lancers and Mirages' started by Doomslayer, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Doomslayer

    Doomslayer Active Member

    As the title states, I am curious as the the best way to remove the front loom for headlights, foglights etc

    Doing a swap and can't find a way to unplug the loom as it feeds through the fender. Thanks
  2. rigby

    rigby Well-Known Member State Event Organiser

    Don't need to remove it, it will separate from the engine loom. Or if you're replacing it just keep unclipping from the fuse box
  3. ARC

    ARC Administrator Forum Administrator

    When I did mine, I started where it plugs in at the drivers side footwell and just kept feeding it through till I got to the lights. Was pretty easy from there.
    Had to pull off the drivers side front guard and the bumper for better access.
  4. Doomslayer

    Doomslayer Active Member

    So unplug from footwell and remove then just refeed back in
  5. ARC

    ARC Administrator Forum Administrator

    Yeah it plugs in to the BCM I think, so unplug and pull it through. Then keep going till you get to the fuse box near your battery.

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