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Discussion in 'Hens Performance' started by Hens, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    QFM A1RM
    Many cars are using these with doing very good lap times.

    QFM's club sport track pad is the A1RM! It is ideal for high performance street cars that take to the track to test the limits, whilst still streetable. The A1RM is ideal for club level rally and hill climb where brakes are required right from the first corner!

    Cold Friction - High Friction - Temperature (C)
    0.40 - 0.48 - 0-780

    in stock for twin piston evo1/2/3/4/fto caliper
    in stock for brembo caliper evo5/6/7/8/9


  2. MOR31

    MOR31 Well-Known Member Lifetime Premium Member

    I have these in my car. Awesome pads
  3. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    Henry have you personally used these?
    How fast to they heat up?
    And, are the twin piston Evo caliper pad the same as FTO?
  4. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    yes i have. ive used a whole range of performance pads on the street as well as track.
    you dont have to heat them up to work well.
    they work well right off the batt
    yes it is the same pad as fto 276mm
    look at the cold vs hot friction coefficient and that will give you some idea.
  5. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    Have you any experience with the Mintex 1155 pads? I was considering these initially
  6. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    no i havent sorry but they are a fast road pad for street and track rated to 700deg c
  7. Ryan

    Ryan Administrator Forum Administrator

    On my CJ I had RDA grooved and dimpled rotors with EBC Redstuff, these were great OEM stopping from cold and only got stickier as they heated up. Low dust, only some squeel for a few days after a hard run, but I ended up cooking them on a hard run after about 40,000kms on them.

    I changed then to RDA slotted and QFM A1RM's and they were great when they warmed up however, I found that they heat up slower than the EBC and at cold temps they had alot of NVH (noise vibration and harshness - also more dusty than EBCs). At first I thought maybe the rotors weren't 100% true but the NVH disappears as the pads heat up. I have read on a Commodore forum I think it was of people having similar issues with the A1RM on RDA slotted rotors, so not sure what the go there is! :? Would be interested to know what rotors others here have run these on...

    One reason I would like to know is my Commodore has dusty pads and is chewing the rotors like no tomorrow, you wouldn't beleive how grooved they are for only 2000km of moderate driving! :? So am unsure whether to go for EBC redstuff or QFM HP-X or A1RMs and then DBA or RDA rotors....
  8. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    RDA rotors with A1RM no problems here.
    Some pads are dusty and like to chew rotors.
    I refer you to alot of european cars here. even OEM brake pads.

    I run EBC redstuff on my daily driver right now.
    They cant cop as much of a beating as other pads I have used a good. Better then green. Greenstuff on a faster car or a heavier car will fall flat on its face.

    I would take the A1RM over the redstuff if anyone is looking for a fast road/trackday pad.
    Consesus is about same that the redstuff cant really cop a hard beating.
    Ive seen far worse low temp brake noise squeal etc when using more serious track pads when used on the street.

    But really these are excellent pads for the money.
  9. mahum

    mahum Member

    I use A1MRs. They are wonderful
    yea they do make more dust and wear disks a bit more but well worth it.
    I've had them for a year now. 4 track days and a lot of hard driving. Still going well
  10. d3x

    d3x Member

    Just picked up some QFM HPX's and slotted rotors all round for the 15. Interested to see how these pads perform...

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