Post your 1/4 Mile Drag times

Discussion in 'General' started by Joshy_morris, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. staahnaah

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    Im going back again next week. Just getting practice in for eoym ;) might even be able to take out the interior and have less weight but i doubt it will effect anything if my 60ft is crap
  2. donki

    donki Administrator Forum Administrator

    It could make it harder if you're spinning on launch. The first 60ft is all about how quickly you go from standing still to moving a distance .
    60ft is about 18m, and the Mirage is a touch under 4m long. The 60ft time would be about where you change from 1st gear into 2nd, so i guess even for the CE we'd have a max limit on time to get there, but even still, cutting down a quarter of a second should take off a full second
  3. staahnaah

    staahnaah Active Member State Event Organiser

    Thats what im thinking. If i can get the 60ft down to 2 seconds then that should be enough to get me into the 12s
  4. DrB

    DrB Active Member

    pulling weight in general will help but better to take it off the back half.
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  5. donki

    donki Administrator Forum Administrator

    What @DrB said ^

    I guess for general information; FWD usually have stiff rear suspension, and mid-range stiff/soft front to absorb the initial lifting of takeoff. Generally they like to keep as much of the weight on the front wheels as possible to keep grip. Street tyres should only go down to about 18psi when cold, because they're designed for normal road use not drags, and they'll loose their grip being any flatter. Proper drag slicks can go to like 8-12psi and grip much much better
  6. Crumble

    Crumble Moderator Forum Moderator

    MODEL: 2001 CE Coupe
    ENGINE: 4G63T EVO 6 Engine (FWD)
    MODS: 3" turbo back, Intercooler piping/intake, KAAZ LSD
    RIMS/TYRES: (F)16x7, (R)16x8 with Re003's all around.
    POWER: Maybe 200kw
    RT: 2.256 (excuse the delay had a launch control malfunction)
    : 2.179
    1000ft: 11.104
    ET: 13.198
    MPH: 108.73

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  7. donki

    donki Administrator Forum Administrator

    Nicely done @Crumble . Ill have to attempt to take the position on the ladder off you again :p
  8. staahnaah

    staahnaah Active Member State Event Organiser

  9. ARC

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  10. donki

    donki Administrator Forum Administrator

    You too mate ;)

    Also reminds me i have to update the list with @DrB 's times too
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  11. rigby

    rigby Well-Known Member State Event Organiser

    I might have a 13 to show you soon. Then the shame of my 17 can be deleted haha

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