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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MrBoOzEy84, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. MrBoOzEy84

    MrBoOzEy84 New Member

    hi guys, im new to the forums.... just brought myself a lil project car, picked up a black 02 CE sedan gli manual with the 1.8ltr 4g93 engine cheap as... looking at some fun mods etc..... current mods consist of aftermarket CAI and Black Altezza tail lights.... and have brought brand new short shifter kit and new leather gearstick boot and knob.... everything else is completely stock.... looking a decent exuast next. 1st Brought3.jpg
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  2. ARC

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    Welcome aboard!

    Plenty of fun mods can be had.
  3. wagonmaster

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    Welcome to the forum, you’ve come to the right place, just search the forum or any questions just ask away.
  4. MrBoOzEy84

    MrBoOzEy84 New Member

    Just a quick update on the car....
    i put it in for a roadworthy this morning, had to laugh at the guy when he told me all it needed was a new LHF indicator Lens and had to flush the brake fluid. that was it! what a bargain! so booked into vicroads to get it registered on thursday morning!
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  5. Steve99

    Steve99 Active Member

    Did you get him to replace the blinker fluid? Make sure he does that or you won’t pass the check at vic roads ;)

    Jokes btw
    Well done on the cheap roady
  6. MrBoOzEy84

    MrBoOzEy84 New Member

    so i managed to pick up a set of 16'' Advanti mag wheels this morning for $200 in reasonable condition with tyres bout 80% tread.... figured id be able to use the stand wheel nuts on them... but yeh nah they dont fit so off to autobarn i went, got a full set of mag wheel nuts and a new wheel brace while i was at it... nearly shat me jocks when that guy told me the price was $103.... didnt realise they were that expensive lol. but yeh wasnt a bad morning, car looks way better without the tiny 14'' black stockies on it.:grinning:
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  7. pLethora

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  8. MrBoOzEy84

    MrBoOzEy84 New Member

    Im from the latrobe valley how bout you?
  9. MrBoOzEy84

    MrBoOzEy84 New Member

    Hey guys, had a good day off today, so thought id get some work done on the lancer... so i installed a new white led dome light globe, then went n got a new 2.5" sports muffler with a nice chrome tip. Which looks and sound 100% better! Then i thought id have a go at installing the short throw shifter kit n black leather gearboot that i brought ages ago... which was piss easy to do as i just found out lol.... so yeh that was my day kept me busy for awhile now its time for a beer or 3 haha.
  10. pLethora

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    Sorry didn't see this. I'm from diggers rest. Was Northern suburbs originally.

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