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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by caleb dawson, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. caleb dawson

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    Hi guys just recently picked up my first lancer,it's a 4 door 1998 ce glxi with the 1.8 and auto,it has a huge cannon on the stock system and a DIY cold air intake made from a vaccum cleaner tube lol and has been sprayed badly with rattle cans (previous owner),looking for inspiration so I'm willing to take any ideas on board,does anyone here reside in ne nsw?

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  2. Steve99

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    I would try and get either a factory exhaust or get a muffler rewelded onto it. Away with the cannon. Try and either fix the intake or get the factory set up
  3. caleb dawson

    caleb dawson Member

    Oh yea the stupid cannon is going ASAP as soon as I can afford another muffler,believe it or no the intake actually makes it feel better then stock so I think I might leave it till I can sort out a proper cai
  4. ARC

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    Welcome to the forums...

    Good to see the canon go, will make a good wall hanger in the shed!
  5. caleb dawson

    caleb dawson Member

    Haha that's it,the cannon makes it so abnoxiously loud it's unbelievable,I'm surprised I haven't had cop trouble
  6. wagonmaster

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    Welcome to the forum, heaps info here, especially for Ce’s.
    Agree, you would get instant performance/and sanity gain straight away by dumping (no pun intended) the fart can, they sound bad enough on a manual, let alone on a fartomatic.
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