New member just starting to learn to fix cars


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Hi everyone hope you are all well.

I've had an 05 Lancer ES (225k km) which has served me really well as a first car for just over 4 years now. I have a fair idea of the theory behind the different systems in cars but am yet to actually try anything to my car besides the cabin air filter.

My mechanical experience on other cars includes changing a flat tyre and doing an oil and oil filter change.

After a trip to supercheap today for a socket set and some other tools am hoping to start fixing some minor things that have popped up and maybe try service it myself eventually.


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Welcome mate!

Personally, i found what worked out absolutely brilliant was to take things apart (good time to use that new socket set) and try to put it all back together again. The cars are pretty sturdy, so worst case you end up with a rattle or something super minor, even if its mechanical.
Would also recommend a Gregories/Haynes manual, for more indepth stuff, but whatever works for you.