Mirage 4g63t swap build parts info/list compile.

Discussion in 'CE Lancers and Mirages' started by Ilus1v, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. unclepaulie

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    Bingo. It may. It may not.... I can’t confirm. If it does you’d be silly not to use it
  2. hornunga

    hornunga Active Member

    @Ilus1v fyi these are the mounting points on the back of the 4g69 for the driveshaft. I cant find an accurate photo of a 4g63 block to compare

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  3. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    Is it just those two, nothing on the top or bottom?
  4. hornunga

    hornunga Active Member

  5. Ilus1v

    Ilus1v Member

    I'll get some pics of the 63 tonight to try and compare.
    Worst comes to worst, grind off 5mm from the block hole spots, put 5mm plate steel and locate where the mounts need to go and drill new ones into the plate.
  6. AaronGJ94

    AaronGJ94 Member

    Did the shafts end up fitting?
  7. Hens

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    Did all you guys forget about the clutch.
    The evo clutch is a pull type.
    Need I go on?
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  8. Minica

    Minica Member

    Those 4g69 shafts don't bolt straight up to 4g64 block but I just made a bracket, They are great shafts I do consistent 1.6 60 foot times and the odd 1.5 and never had a problem
  9. Minica

    Minica Member

    I also use a G4js gearbox bolts up to 63/64 never broken one but it is also pull clutch, and from memory a late model evo flywheel is just too big to fit inside the bell housing but they also have 27 spline diff to take 69 shafts.
  10. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    Yes please.
    Why does the Evo clutch matter if the hope/ambition here is to use a FWD gearbox from a car with a 4G6X engine (e.g., 4G69 CH Lancer)?
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