Loose baffle in fuel tank


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I have noticed that one of the baffles in my fuel tank has come loose. If I take the fuel sender out I can see it, floating around in there.
I really don't want to replace the fuel tank at the moment.
With 2 pairs of pliers, I could bend it and pull it out through the fuel sender hole to get it out.

My question is, can I do without it? Has anyone heard of/experienced this before in a Lancer?
You are talking about the flap in the filler neck tube ?
My 2015 is gone in the first months that I got it and the wife's 2011 Aurion one is now gone.
I thought that this is for if or when the car rolls over fuel does not just poor out, I have seen such with a XC Falcon wagon once upside down and with fuel pissing out through the fuel cap like you would not believe.


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Nah, not that. Though I have seen a few questions about those flaps around the net. Funny enough, the one in my 02 Lancer is still there and working perfectly. I think they would help with contaminants in general not getting in there, but yeah might help stem leakage during a rollover too. Wouldn't be surprised if ones on newer cars are breaking, along with other stuff, given everything is made as cheap as possible, now more than ever before.

A fuel tank baffle is a wall inside the fuel tank, with holes in it. Most tanks have several. It helps stop the fuel from sloshing around too much while driving. They are also positioned around the fuel pump to keep fuel near it for uptake, especially when tank is low, or taking a corner.

I ended up pulling the whole baffle out through the fuel sender hole, using 2 sets of pliers and some tin snips. I then let my tank run down real low and went and did some roundabouts. I thought I noticed some very slight fuel starve sometimes, but maybe my imagination - after all, that baffle could have been loose for years. Main worry is if the car stalls while going through a busy roundabout, or turning across a main road etc...could be dangerous. But I'll just keep my tank topped up from now on and hope for the best.
Yes I understand.
I had a problem with the Holden my first 1995 VS v6 ute that coming through a roundabout or such real fast mid to low fuel it would cut the power out , I don't remember my VS V8 ute doing that tho. must of had better baffles in the tank with the 1999 ones.

Was it a plastic type baffle around the fuel pump. or and steel baffle running along that the weld spots broke off.


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Long metal baffle and the weld spots broke off. I was unable to find a diagram or picture of the inside of my particular fuel tank, to see what still remains in there. Perhaps the fuel pump is still well enclosed with plastic baffles, and the only consequence will be some more sloshing about.


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To answer the original question, the car will survive without the baffle/s.
I've hit fuel starvation a fair few times (when driving like a mad man), and when ive hit starvation the fuel light is well and truly lit. The baffles stop fuel sloshing around the entire tank - it doesnt act like a local area surge section so there is little impact to the function aside from taking corners at speed where fuel will be moving significantly.


You could get some fuel tank foam from a race shop, It will fit in through the sender hole. You could get away with a strip jammed in from front to back.