Ignition and Misfire issues


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Hello All

So recently I have had issues were ill be driving along without boosting or WOT, or any crazy/hoonish driving, and sometimes ill have an issue were the car starts to bog out as if its loosing ignition then drops out 2-3 cylinders and throws a CEL which is 44 (ignition, Power transistor) taken from Haynes workbook.
Sometimes i can drive 20Kms have no issue then when i start the car i can get 10m and it cuts out

So far i have had another ECU tuned to see if the old 2step i had wired up caused issues, so far hasn't worked as its throwing the same CEL
Replaced all the spark plugs with new sets to see if that was an issue. Drove fine then dropped out again with the CEL
Got new ignition coil packs and spark plug wires. Drove fine for a few Days then throw the CEL and same issues occurred.
Checked all the earths and cleaned all connections and same as before had the CEL again

This is the first time i have had these issues occur. with the old motor didnt have issues. even after the engine swap it has been running fine up until a month ago its came out of no where, and has stayed.

Have looked around and couldnt find to much more.
If anyone has some suggestions that would be really handy and helpful
Thank you to anyone who helps :)