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    Hi AusLancers,

    My name is Tony and I am from Adelaide. I have a work car but cannot use it for personal use so I have bought a 2002 MR CE Lancer Coupe that has been in the family since new as a cheap runabout.
    It is in very good mechanical condition, but has quite a number of scrapes, scuffs and dints around the body that will require re-finishing.
    My plan is to mildly upgrade and modernise it on a budget.
    Body: Satin Black (at home) respray after a crash course in panel beating. Refinishing the stock MR bodykit. Not going for showcar = just a neat street car.
    Engine: Keeping the 4g93 1.8 SOHC very mild by getting the Cam re-ground, a home port & polish of the head, home CAI and sourcing a 60mm Throttle Body. (The Throttle body is the only part I am unsure of sourcing = which engine/model would suit my 4g93 best). Just looking for a responsive streetable engine, not a racer. My son will get this car in a few years so no turbo for this one. I’ll save that for when I get my EVO later.
    Interior: Swapping out damaged pieces, modern colour choices, white gauges in the dash and white aftermarket gauges added, retrim Airbag Steering Wheel in Suede, retrim and re-bolster seats.

    I’m not looking to win awards, I’m just looking to have fun and see what I can get done on a budget doing as much as I can myself.
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    Hi RallyTone
    Welcome to the forum, heaps of info and help available for the ce lancer, the ce mr coupe is a really good base to start with, so you are already on your way, good luck with the build.
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