fitting of earlier model (ce1) bumper to a ce2 lancer coupe


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hey guys ive got a ce2 lancer coupe gli and have a series 1 front bumper to go on it, just wondering how ill have to go about putting it on, and if theres any things ill need before doing it. (getting rid of the evo stuff to make it look abit more stock)
i have a sneaking suspicion that i might need the ce1 headlights but i really hope not.
will post photos also image3.pngimage4.png


Hey man,

Headlights will be fine, they’re the stock lancer/mirage one-piece headlights. As for the bar, you’ll need the reo bar to match. As to whether you’ve got the correct one currently on your car or not, I’m unsure.

There’s a few threads that can give you direction for the best way to remove the bumper, I personally haven’t done it myself as of yet - but I’ve read that the best way is removing the mounting screws that go into the guards, then unbolting the reo from the chassis and sliding it out with the front bar still attached, as there’s lots of screws that are super hard to get to otherwise.

Best bet would be then to unscrew that reo and test fit it onto your new bumper, to see if it matches correctly and properly supports the entire bumper.

Good luck!


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sweet thanks for the help legend!, im hopefully going to be putting it all on next week im getting a big pack of retaining clips offf ebay and hopefully some of them work on the front bumper, also i think the new front bar was originally off a mirage but it should all bolt up hopefully with the correct bumper reo fingers crossed.