Evo 6 transfer case rebuild !.

Discussion in 'Ralliart & Evolution Lancers' started by Evo67rs, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Evo67rs

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    I am interested in hearing about anyone that has done up a transfer case or had it done up as mine is a bit noisy now in a Evo 6rs all through a succession of 3 mechanics missing the T case when in for lube servicing,"I now do what I can myself" as expected my trust in mechanics has diminished greatly.I will have a go at pulling it out but wondered as long as the pinion & crown are ok ,maybe it's the bearings that are the real culprit in most cases ?. Any thoughts or experiences on the issue would be appreciated from my fellow Evo enthusiasts .
  2. MOR31

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    I did some upgrades to mine and it's been flawless so far
  3. Evo67rs

    Evo67rs New Member

    I was not able to view the images but am interested in what you have to say about the process & your reasoning for the upgrades. I personally will be leaving the set up as is & just want to repair it.
  4. Evo67rs

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    Ok time for an up date after much searching in Aus, Japan & UK for info on parts this company in Sydney has most but not all at competitive prices (https://www.amayama.com/en) and can be posted or picked up in Peakhurst NSW.I got sick of the bullshit with "performance workshops" & contacted the "NSW rally club & Darren at "Dashsports" in Sydney was suggested as the person to talk to for the parts I couldn't source & to do the complete rebuild of the case internals & LSD setup who has a "Ralliart" experienced gearbox contractor,when I got to his business to drop it off I knew it was the right place he was a good bloke & had a clean plain workshop shed in Riverstone with only Evo's all in race,rally or street guise being worked on. At this stage I am expecting that the rebuild approximate total will be $2000 +,none of it is cheap & I will be doing all fluid servicing to the book in future.As I have done the spanner work it took me a total of about 4-5 hours to set the car up & remove the wheels,exhaust,tailshaft, driveshafts & the defective case & expect about the same time to re-install.I have found it to be a time consuming process all the running around & research but so far a rewarding exercise as I know a bit more about my car .If you don't do the work you will have to factor in a mechanics cost on top with this job.

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