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Discussion in 'CG-CH Lancers' started by Alex_96, May 4, 2017.

  1. SDate42

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    Just to clarify, the VRX stock wheels are 195/50R16.

    The previous owner of my car fitted 205/50R16 and that was fine. Speedo was very near accurate with the slightly larger diameter, still plenty of room in the wheel arches. So if you're looking for an easy way to get 205's on there, go for the VRX wheel or something of the same spec (16x6.5 +46).

    I found that the 205's still ran out of grip on Accel in tight corners and over long high speed corners, which is why I went for 225's in the end. Only have the 2L motor as well, so not a lot of power to control either.

    Also while RE003's kick ass, Yoko Blue Earth's are fantastic too and available in the 205/50r16. Both are a very soft tyre though, so dont expect more than 20-25 thousand KMs out of them
  2. Alex_96

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    Right...everyone in the thread has been saying they were 55's and not 50's, but the latter is correct after I looked it up, meaning the 205 / 55 R16's that I've been looking at aren't legal then. Oh well :sweat:
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    What do you mean, aren't legal? If you're in NSW, have a look at the STANDARDS for tyres and rims.
  4. Alex_96

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    I'm in Victoria.

    The diameter can't be anymore than 15mm over specified tyre for the model. So if the VRX ones are 601.4mm, the 205 / 55 R16's are 631.9mm. I originally thought the VRX ones were 620.9mm.
  5. Alex_96

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    Guess I should update here. This what I went with in the end.

    Speedo is out by 1% which I'm more than happy with. I can't remember the rim offset but the tyres scrub when at full lock so it's probably quite a bit. Nothing I can't avoid though. The Bridgestone RE003's are awesome as well. Would recommend.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Ok so picked up my 2007 ch the other night, great little car.
    Its shod in the stock size 195/55r15, and the speedo reads 91kmh at a GPS 91kmh. That what about 9%? If stock diameter is 595mm then i need something that is more like 660mm. a 205/60r15 is about 630mm so speedo will still be shy with that size, cant picture getting anything much bigger in there. On the plus side, the car hasnt really done 186,000km, more like 160 something. Its just a baby lol.

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