DIY Replacing Interior Lights

Discussion in 'DIYs' started by yangtastic, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Larley95

    Larley95 New Member

    Looking to do some upgrades this weekend. What other model fog lights would fit a '03 CE lancer? If any...

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  2. Daytime

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  3. Blake

    Blake New Member

    Looks mad, how many horsepower will this give me?
  4. VK2XXy

    VK2XXy New Member

    Was there ever an answer for this?

    Background lamp in the A/C switch is similar and has blown. It looks like a grain-of-wheat bulb with the wire pigtails wrapped through the holder.
  5. Jtrain

    Jtrain New Member

    Has anyone actually replaced the a/c, demister and hazard bulbs? I replaced the bulbs and now the lights and switches are both not working and i’m not keen on replacing them all at $100 each genuine.
  6. DemstarAus

    DemstarAus New Member

    Do you know what you call that type of bulb? I've had exactly the same happen.
  7. VK2XXy

    VK2XXy New Member

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  8. rigby

    rigby Well-Known Member State Event Organiser

    Just get a bunch of t5 and a bunch of t10 globes. Cost you bout $1 each on eBay and you can buy a whole bunch. Will be either one of those sizes for every single interior light except boot and done light
  9. VK2XXy

    VK2XXy New Member

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