DIY oil changes - big $ saver?


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Having been car-less for 16 months, I'm really enjoying my 'new' 20 year old Lancer CE :)

Given its age, I have more confidence doing jobs on this than on a newer more complex car. I'd like to have a go at some simple jobs, partly for the learning, but also to save myself some garage/mechanic money.

For the first couple of gear changes each day my gear box sounds a little clunky - it is fine after 200-300m. An auto-electrician friend has suggested the gearbox oil may need changing, may be low, whatever (there are no signs of leaks, but I've no idea how long ago the oils were changed. I know the car was sat fairly idle for about 6-9 months before I got it).

So, I'm going to start my mechanical adventures by giving the old girl an engine oil and transmission oil change. I have a Haynes manual, and watched some Youtube videos, and both jobs look pretty straight forward. I've priced up all the parts I need to get (Supercheap Auto) and my initial outlay is going to be $150. That's for engine oil, filter, transmission oil, drain pan, oil filter wrench, sump plug washer, plus an air filter for good measure. Sound about right?

What am I missing? Am I going to need to buy a pair (or two pairs?) of stands to raise the car up? I currently only have the jack that comes with the car.

By doing these jobs regularly (6-12 months?) am I right in thinking I'll save money at the mechanics in the long term (and short term), because that is main main motivation.



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yes youll save money, and yes you seem about right for those items, jack is fine unless you start doing serious under car engine work its all you should need.... other thing that might come in handy are some ramps can pick them up pretty affordable on fb marketplace etc, as i have found with the low height of the CE that the standard JACK doesnt raise it high enough for the jack stands that i have.... (one thing on your list though... I cant see why youll need a sump plug washer) also doesnt hurt to have some gloves and rags on hand as you will get oil everywhere when you do drain the oil yourself. Also wouldnt hurt to look at possibly some new plugs and leads, another simple service too.

some very handy hints/tips on here and the fb page

check here for useful CE related stuff

good luck and welcome to AUSLANCER


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I added a sump plug washer to the list just based on a couple of Youtubers that said "have one spare, in case the old one is buggered, or if you manage to lose it somehow".

I've now looked at the price of spark plugs. Didn't realise they were so cheap at $19 for four. SCA is only suggesting to me "Top Gun" ignition leads at $106 though. I've seen lead kits elsewhere (Autobarn) that suggestions they should be as cheap as $30-$40 for a set though. Maybe they're the wrong ones for my car?


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BOSCH leads should be fine... and yeah...definitely pays to shop around...

do what you can afford to do at the time...

been meaning to replace my leads jut haven't got around to it yet.... (106 seems very pricey...should be around 50 for a new set....)

good luck