Custom Mandrel bent piping Exhausts

Discussion in 'Hens Performance' started by Hens, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. mmc77

    mmc77 Active Member

    Sounds like a fair price
  2. liquidator

    liquidator New Member

    *this post has been removed by Liquidator*
  3. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    Eric i dont like to discuss and nit pick at prices over the forum.
    I would glady try to do a better price for you but you dont need to post it on my thread and say I can get it cheaper from here or there.
    The price you quoted from myself is for a different product for a different engine.
  4. liquidator

    liquidator New Member

    sorry mate, that wasnt a hit at you, i was actually trying to show that you were cheaper than RPW, and from what I've heard, your far better in quality anyway. sorry if I offended you in any way, it wasnt my intentions.
  5. tm34

    tm34 New Member

    still waiting on confirmation on catback... only avail. on weekends so hopefully we can agree on the spot and ill leave the car with you
  6. BlackVY

    BlackVY New Member

    Hi Mate,

    I'm in Sydney are looking for an exhaust for my CE Lancer 1.8l

    Looking for something that is not going to drone, or drone very little inside the car, as this is an Auto, so I've heard it makes more noise.

    Can you tell me what my options are?

  7. d3x

    d3x Member

    henry can you do something for a s15 :)?
  8. leadfoot

    leadfoot Active Member

    can you do turbo manifolds to suit 4g93? standard flange no wastegate outlet.
  9. drh94

    drh94 New Member

    Hens, do you have any headerback systems for the CJ lancers?

    Been poking around my exhaust lately and no such thing as a catback with my lancer. has to go headerback...
  10. ronaldSek

    ronaldSek New Member

    New custom dual exhaust cost a little over a g ever tube was bent to fit no bolt on *poo*
  11. Dave3074

    Dave3074 New Member

    Hi mate, I'm in Newcastle and it would be a good opportunity to come down on one of my next days off... I would like a system that gives more power but I don't want to draw attention too much.. I'd just let you give me advice and I would go with that. When would be a good time to come down?? I have tomorrow off work and could come down if you could fit me in by any chance.... looking forward to catching up...
  12. NFG

    NFG Member

    Chill. Hens isn't on here very often. Try message him on facebook (HENSPerformance).
  13. Dave3074

    Dave3074 New Member

    Thanks mate, will do... I didn't think my phone was working properly this morning, hence why I msged a few times
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  14. donki

    donki Administrator Forum Administrator

    Dont stress, i've fixed that for you. @Hens might respond here, otherwise as others have said HENSPerformance on Facebook is the best bet to get in touch with him.

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