Custom Mandrel bent piping Exhausts

Discussion in 'Hens Performance' started by Hens, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    Offering this to local members or members that can leave their car in Sydney for a custom exhaust system.

    I can say with confident that you will struggle to find a better exhaust installation.
    I'm sick and tired of see crap piping jobs, cut corners, overpriced, people paying too much and getting poor quality custom work.
    I only do mandrel bent systems for flow. Mild steel to keep cost down. Can arrange custom stainless tig welded mandrel system at significantly more cost.
    Size can range from 2inch right through to 3.5/4 inch.

    If anyone cares to meet up with me I can show you the work quality on my own car.
    All worn rubber hangers are replaced with solid hangers to reduce movement. Nothing worse than a wobbling exhaust when driving.
    I dont reuse undersized stock flanges and cause unnecessary restrictions because I dont have the same flange in stock.
    I carry the factory bolt spacing flanges and can design the system to be bolt on to stock cat convertors etc.
  2. EVL20T

    EVL20T Active Member Lifetime Premium Member


    My zaust is just hittin the underbody somewhere, i think i need to get it fixed up, also prob get a decat pipe made up so i can throw it on and off quickly
  3. SyntaxLegend

    SyntaxLegend Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Is there any chance you can just put one together then ship it somewhere? The drive to Sydney would be a *mum*, just a new stock setup or something.
  4. d3x

    d3x Member

    I'd be interested to know if you could ship to WA. I'd be looking at a 2.5" SS or mild depending on price, catback with/without muffler with only a rear swaybar in the way
  5. sladey121

    sladey121 New Member

    Can I ask roughly how much a high flow cat and some extractors/headers for my CH lancer with a 4g69? Thanks :)
  6. tm34

    tm34 New Member

    i am local and just waiting on a quote from you.... 2" catback with the dual tips, if its possible :)
  7. Jaid0gz

    Jaid0gz Member

    Hey Henry, how much would I be looking at for extractors and full 2.25" pipes (perhaps) varex muffler if possible, if not than one that doesn't chirp, has good back pressure, nice sound, isn't too loud and isn't tinny. PM would be appreciated, cheers mate.
  8. Citta

    Citta Member

    hey dude do u think u could make up intercooler piping to suit my evo 6 tme?
  9. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    Depends what you want.
    But I can get a system made and send it.
    PM sent.
  10. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    I could do a mild steel 2.5inch mandrel bent mid pipe that bolts on and replaces the OEM item. So you can use the OEM rear muffler assembly which clears the swaybars fine.
    Also the rear muffler section can also be made up.
  11. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    pm sent
  12. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    I can make a replacement version of your standard cat.
    If you are willing to send me your standard cat I can make a bolt in replacement and do you a very good price.
    Will be bolt on so if you have any issues you can put the standard one back on without cutting and welding.
    I would send back your original and a hi-flow metal core substrate version that is bolt on. This flows more than typical ceramic hi flow cats.
    Price $260

    Bolt on extractors in stainless will be $465.
    These bolt onto the stock cat.
    Keep in mind there are alot of headers out there for cheaper, Genie, RPW, Hurricane but be mindful that some of these just comes with header only. There is larger diameter upgraded front pipe included and you are expected to get it made by a shop or modify your standard one and fit to the new header however this restricts the gains to be made.
  13. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    pm, sent
  14. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    please pm me what car you can and what engine etc.
    I can do the varex muffler but it is pricey. You may be better off with a nice straight through system with a larger muffler to keep noise down but retain high flow (because straight trhough) no baffles etc.
    I can do a cat back system and ship it to you but it depends what car you have.
    If you were in sydney that doesnt matter. You leave your with me and I sort everything out.
  15. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    Of course i can.
    Ill message you about it.
  16. Res

    Res Well-Known Member Lifetime Premium Member

    any mufflers you would recomend that flow well and are on the quieter side of straigh thru mufflers?
  17. d3x

    d3x Member

    I would like to know too. I'd prefer a ss twin tip style much like the 3A racing "le mans" one piece which has now been discontinued :(
  18. AndOnly

    AndOnly New Member

    Hi henry just wanted to inquire about getting a catback for my '98 CE. Looking for something with a nice tip that looks good BUT i dont want the car to drone was wondering what you could do for me
  19. chowetime

    chowetime Active Member

    yeah I would also be interested in a 21/2" cat back exhaust but not wanting the muffler ( I have one here already) and sent to W.A
  20. simo

    simo New Member

    ok so my local zaust shop quoted me $320 for a 2.25" cat back system with a sports muffler..

    is this a good price

    im also looking to get extractors from u, check your mail

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