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Discussion in 'CE Lancers and Mirages' started by Robby, Feb 13, 2016.

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    Couple more

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    hey man, good to see its working well!

    i am running it on a mostly stock car using both 25570100 MAF and 25570300 SD roms using my own values made from educated guesses/pinched from other roms and its running well. 450kms roughly to a tank with alot of hard driving :p cruising nicely at 14.7AFR and fuel trims in check, hovering no more than 5%.
    stock MAF, orange 210cc injectors. startup isnt as perfectly smooth but still fine, idle tends to drop alot when coming to a stop but always recovers perfectly. stable 700rpm warm idle.
    people have found fixes for this in other roms so im sure they can be found in this one too...

    another thing is the odd throttle response/engagement jerkyness when on/off and low load cruising. im putting this down to extra settings effecting the fuel calculations, such as decel fuel cut resume and other tables that are not defined yet. the stock rom just drives a little smoother in some scenarios.. probably corrections for the larger injectors found on the evo.. again nothing too bad, you learn to ignore it and sometimes it actually drives better than the stock settings, there must be a happy medium if we had all the tables defined.

    It would be awesome to find someone capable to finish the xml as much as possible. we could potentially fund a "group buy" to pay them to finish a definition file completely!? if anyone is keen put your hand up. i think Merlin on EvoM would be keen but im sure he would want to be paid for his efforts..

    i have been using the same definitions with a few of my own findings added in.
    i have discovered:
    extra boost control tables
    -target wastegate duty 3
    -target wastegate duty 4
    -desired engine load 3
    -desired engine load 4

    i attempted to find these after having boost control issues on an evo 6 i flashed with ceddymod 25570100. everything seemed well except hitting boost cut in certain circumstances but not others. i have not yet reflashed the car and tested if they work.. will do in coming weeks
    this test was using a genuine evo 6 ecu that was originally 24430002

    the ce ecu *apparently* doesn't have the internal hardware to use the boost solenoid anyway.. but i haven't tried.

    -ign retard limit (tested working -20)
    -ign advance limit (set to 50 deg - have not played with it and i suggest you don't either! haha)

    these i grabbed from an SD definition file 25570300 from evom member todd. - thanks!

    i applied these by copying sections of other 25570000 xmls and adding onto the existing xml.

    i am hoping to find a few more tables that may be of use for speed density conversion, and general behaviour.

    MrFred posted an awesome thread on evolutionm outlining more tables he had found while digging through the evo 7/8/9 rom.
    many of the tables are carried over from the earlier evo 5/6 ecu, with those extra tables he mentions found in the evo 5/6 rom we could have a fully working sd setup, aswell as a more "free" control over fuel calculations for fuel cut and maf corrections.


    i have spoken to mrfred and he isnt familiar enough with the evo 5/6 to attempt the task at the moment, but maybe would with some encouragement? haha.

    i have attached an xml with a few added tables over the one you posted for you to check out

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    I got around like 90% of those issues by not running any boost control solenoid except for a manual boost controller lol.
    Ign retard was an easy one to do, but in my definition its listed like 3 or 4 times. Luckily changing one of them forces the others mentions to change as well. Ign advance i think is a good one, but i didn't realise there was a limit to it - in datalogging ive seen upwards of 40 to 45 degrees of advance in certain situations, so didnt deem it doesnt thats required.
    Also never had an issue with the decel fuel cut, but i did get some issues with the SAS Antilag kicking in at bad times. If you zero everything out for the SAS, it runs a heappp better.

    The larger injectors/slow speed/light throttle jerkyness i feel is all definitely related. Its like using a bulldozer (the injectors) to organise a dozen small pebbles (fuel) - the stock setup which is a tablespoon sorting out the pebbles. Its do-able, but the bulldozer would needs a tiny or customized scoop (or magnetic, with the pebbles being magnetic lol? this is like changing other ECU parameters to suit such as the global fuel enrichment) , or a skilled operator (which is just putting up with the jerkyness). Not an easy way around it, not yet anyway. The resolution in the ECU simply isnt available, and to do so would require a bit of the spare RAM space to be used to get down to this level, which im not sure is possible. Add in different fuel types such as E85 which reacts differently to normal petrol due to being oxygenated, and its a hard situation.

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    I have a feeling that there is decel/accel resume corrections, as in injector latency.

    I feel that they spray too much too quickly sometimes and the engine wants to jump forward instead of smoothly accelerate.

    People have mentioned similar tables in other roms... I'm sure there are lots of features not yet discovered!

    Have a read through that thread I linked above. Got the gears turning in my brain reading it. The solution all speed density issues should be fixable with the extra fables he mentioned, this would also improve driveailty on MAF too.

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