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Discussion in 'Hens Performance' started by Hens, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    I've used the entire catalogue range of Superpro polyurethane bushings and various Whiteline bushings.
    Im sure I can recommend a bushing kit to suit your needs.

    Going fast is the priority here and more solid bushings retain the alignment under hard cornering with increased grip of better tyres than stock 13inch, swaybars, coilovers, stiffer suspension etc.
  2. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    Right now I have some rear trailing arms with poly bushings pre-installed. That im offering to members.

    Factory trailing arms bushings are very soft and flex alot when used for racing, circuit use. This causes the rear alignment to change too much and cause undesired handling.

    One set are slightly used (but because the end sealing lip on these. any grease I have put it upon installation remains in there.)
    One set new bushing kit installed but never been driven on.

    These will typically last the lifetime of the vehicle anyway.

    Prefer to be sold as exchange.
    You must give me your current trailing arm setup.
  3. lancer02ce

    lancer02ce Member

    How much would u be looking at for the setup
  4. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    Hens, I had every single bush replaced with the superpro range, and at the same time installed front and rear whiteline swaybars. The ride became pretty harsh (with Tein SS coilovers). Because of the mods being done simultaneously I could not say for sure which was to blame, though I suspect the swaybars. Can you tell me how much of an effect do these bushings have on ride quality?
  5. Breno94

    Breno94 New Member

    Do you have any of these to fit the 4g69 ch lancer mate? Or any other Parts?
  6. topgunjames

    topgunjames Member

    hey spetz i cant comment on the effects of the superpro bushes, but its definately not the swaybars that make the ride harsh, when i installed my rear sway bar the ride was still the same, only difference was the rear was much tighter in corners, i mean i felt a huge difference, much less body roll when cornering fast.
    The harshness would be affiliated with the coilvers and the bushings since the bushing are much firmer, likewise with the coilvers

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