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Discussion in 'CE Lancers and Mirages' started by donki, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys,
    I already have the 1" brake master, it's the booster that I need to replace and wondering what car to source it from.
    I believe Evo IV has the 1" and a larger booster but these aren't easy to come by.

    Are the FTO and Lancer boosters the same size if anyone knows?
  2. rigby

    rigby Well-Known Member State Event Organiser

    Far as I'm aware fto was still bigger pending the model its from but are entirely interchangeable
  3. rigby

    rigby Well-Known Member State Event Organiser

    Not sure if dual stage though
  4. ccturbo

    ccturbo Active Member

    I'm using the stock booster with the same brake setup. Bleed them properly and the pedal feels the same.
  5. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    My brakes aren't really working for some reason.
    The pedal does nothing for the first half of the stroke then starts braking at the very end.
    I took the car to a brake shop so they can do a power brake bleed thinking I must have some air trapped in the system and they told me my booster is not working and that the issue is not hydraulic.

    I am not sure they are right about the hydraulic issue but I do believe they are right about the booster. It was second hand from an FTO.

    Anyway I will likely get the easiest to source (Lancer one) and if the pedal doesn't feel right then start seeing what my options are going from there.
  6. donki

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  7. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    Just for anyone searching in the future...

    It seems the FTO and Lancer/Mirage boosters are the same.
    I bolted up a Mirage one to my car and with a 1" BMC the pedal is responsive and not hard to press at all.
    A good combo overall
  8. Jorel

    Jorel New Member

    Hey BI65ND, just wondering, with your rear drum to disc brake conversion on your mirage - did the trailing arm, BACKING PLATE, DUST SHIELDS, hubs, disc, caliper, brakes lines also came from TS Magna (v6)?

    (Also I red that I have to change the master cylinder to a bigger one, will the TS master cylinder fit on the ce?)

    How about the hand brake cables?
    Will the stock ce cables do the trick?
    ...or I have to take it from the Magna As well??

    dont really know which or what one to get...


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  9. pLethora

    pLethora Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    I believe the mention of ts magna in that post only refers to the front caliper upgrade. From my knowledge magna arms etc dont fit either front or back and the upgrade he has done depends on the stud pattern he wanted. Im assuming from no mention of changing front hubs or arms that he has stayed 4 stud and went proton rear upgrade.

    Edit: Just realised he said he got mini rotors for the front which means its gonna be protons unless he has a weird wheel combo.

    Also bmc doesnt necessarily need to be changed. If you dont like the pedal feel after the change then you can go for a fto bmc to make it firmer.

    The only things usable from a TS TR KS or KR is the front calipers and the caliper bracket (rotors if u go 5 stud FTO conversion as well). For reference to front conversions see the new thread, rear information isnt on there yet but the first post in this thread has it)
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  10. pelican

    pelican Member

    i've read through this thread a bunch of times already, but i can't remember... has anyone looked into whether the CH is a feasible source of a rear disc setup for CE? i know the stud pattern is different, but no idea what else - bracket spacing?
  11. SDate42

    SDate42 Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    I don't beleive it's been documented here, but I think this guy had a go at it in his thread here . Maybe unclepaulie might know aswell?
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  12. pelican

    pelican Member

    (posting in this thread to avoid cluttering up the new one with questions and junk...)

    scene: i’ve got a pair of twin piston magna calipers that i picked up a while ago, but the threads on the rhs bracket are all janked up. figured i’d just pick up another one, rather than deal with rethreading...

    so, i picked up another rhs caliper the other day, and it was in such minty condition when i pulled it that i grabbed the lhs too, which is also mint. but it turns out this new pair are the galant set, i think? 2311 casting on the caliper, not 2207! (2207 on the brackets though, ofc). it was a ts magna wagon that i pulled them from, so i guess someone had upgraded it to the galant brakes before it got written off? or did some ts’s come with the 2311 calipers from factory?

    aaaaanyway, i now have:

    * two pairs of 2207 brackets, one pair minty, one pair *poo*e
    * one pair of 2207 calipers, internal condition unknown so far
    * one pair of 2311 calipers, internal condition unknown so far

    supposing that both sets of calipers still have good internals, any particular reason to go with one set vs the other? does one or the other have better pad/seal kit options? for that matter, do they take the same pads? pLethora’s spreadsheet has an oddball part number for the 2311 seal kit, which concerns me...
  13. pelican

    pelican Member

    also, does the hive mind have a service manual for the proton rears? all the generic caliper service guides are like "lol you're on your own" about rear calipers with a built in parking brake
  14. ccturbo

    ccturbo Active Member

    I don't but I've rebuilt my rears and it's the same as the fronts except the piston is a screw type, which is actually heaps easier to get in and out of the cylinder.
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  15. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    I found it really hard to get the circlip back into the rears when I rebuilt mine.

    I followed this thread on how to DIY:

    Unfortunately no pics on it currently.
    Ignore the part where it says the circlip can be installed whichever way - I suspect it needs to be installed as per the manual to aid in bleed the air out
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  16. Josh34

    Josh34 Member

    So here’s my situation I’m in/what’s happened
    I’ve recently done a 5 stud conversion using fto parts and what not on my Mirage
    But I got a set of calipers (that I thought we’re fto) and put them on and the pad sat about 10mm off the rotor
    So I changed out the Caliper to the correct one (actually from a fto) and they fit perfectly buuuuuuut one of the pistons are seized and to get them rebuilt is 235$ so not too keen on doing that when I have another working set

    So I’ve done a bit of digging around and i seem to think that the calipers I originally used are from a evo4 (which are good conditionn) but they sat 10mm off the rotor

    Sooooo my question Is if I got a Set of 294mm rotors from a Evo 4 and Put them on with the evo4 calipers will it work (considering I’ve used fto knuckles and hubs and what not)
    Or do the evo4 use a different offset rotor?

    Cheers if anyone knows
  17. pLethora

    pLethora Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    I think more information is needed.

    With these "Evo 4" Calipers, did you just swap over the calipers or did you also use brackets that came with these EVO ones?
    Why I am asking is, EVO 4 Calipers are actually the same part as FTO ones and in turn the same as EVO 3. The only difference between 3 & 4 is that when "Packaged" together the bracket is different as the EVO 4 had a bolt spacing different on the knuckle mounting, this was to allow for future brembo's e.g 5 & 6.

    So what I am saying is, if you use the "FTO" Brackets and bolt the "EVO4" calipers on it should sit the same, because they are the same. If they dont, then they are definately not 4's and you will probably have to let me know the cast number which is a "4 digit number".

    Example: 4304 Cast (FTO & Evo 3)
  18. Josh34

    Josh34 Member

    All I got is the “Evo calipers” because I was going to stay 4 stud but changed my mind hence why it’s now 5 stud
    I got the fto calipers as a whole with hubs and knuckles etc etc

    But the “Evo” calipers did bolt up to the knuckles of the fto gear but sat further out to accommodate for larger rotors (this is why I’m asking so I can use the “evo” calipers)

    Will get cast markings when I get home
  19. pLethora

    pLethora Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    So these evo ones bolted onto the fto brackets (not knuckles). Sorry if this is sounding tedious but generally the bracket determines the rotor size. E.g.. the fro caliper can bolt into an Outlander bracket and allow you to run 294mm
  20. Josh34

    Josh34 Member

    This is what I got (the supposed Evo 4 Caliper)
    See picture

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