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    I'll just add that I can confirm that the FTO calipers can bolt to the outlander 2000-2006 ZF series. I haven't tried using the stock outlander disc and it does bolt on. Pics to come.
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    So I'm not very clue-y when it comes to mechanical stuff (even the basics), so I just want to check my info is right.

    If I want to fit evo 3 front calipers to my mirage, I need to change the caliper bracket to part#MB618218 and get new lines made up? Or do I need to swap hubs and knuckles? I'm keeping 4x100 stud pattern.

    Also I'm wanting to make sure all the sizes are factory spec, so would prefer to not run mini discs and get the correct sizes (276mm). Do I just get evo 3 discs and get them redrilled, or do I need to go a different route?
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    EVO 3 Caliper will mount up to the FTO 276mm Bracket or the Outlander 294mm Bracket.
    I don't cover lines in this spreadsheet due to the nature of this conversion but my recommendation is to get new lines made up that follow these 3 points if you go to a place that make adr approved lines: Line length as per stock (Lancer/Mirage CE), Car side connection as per stock (Lancer/Mirage CE), Caliper side connection as per car caliper comes from (Whatever car it came from, your case EVO 3).

    Also the mini discs mentioned are 276mm Height. the only difference is the thickness which many people on this forum have used for years with no issues. I also recall someone mentioning that they did the measurements and its also impossible for the piston to pop out unless of course you run the disc to the point that the disc would snap before that ever happened.

    But if you are unwilling/want it for very hard track use then maybe getting the magna discs redrilled is better and from memory the magna 276mm discs are the same as the evo3 stock discs, so save yourself some money from the "Evo" tax there.
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