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  1. Hens

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    I've been selling and fitting coilovers suspension for quite some time and dont just fit these on Mitsubishis. Almost every car make gets some special treatment.
    Even my first test set of inverted dampers designed for racing have held up and have no problems till this day and this was 2 cars before my current one.

    I can fully advise and supply custom setup, custom spring rates (FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE) to suit the roads you drive on or your intended purpose but my main interest is going fast.
    Looks is only a bonus in my books.

    I hope I can play some part in making some of your cars very fast.


    SPECIAL for V1 VA street/track $1139 delivered
    SPECIAL for BR RA Gold street/track $1185 delivered

    If you dont need delivery or local to me I can do extra special price.

    I have sold more coilovers for these cars than any other seller in Australia so I know more than a thing or 2 to get you setup right.

    Message PM me for individual quote.
  2. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    These are still the best coilovers for its price range.
    Even compared Tein Flex and Superstreet I would pick these without hesitation to use on my own street or track car.
    Ive been selling these for many many years and no one set has come back no my door step with leaking or blown shocks.
    My original set of shocks have been through so many track days and street driving and shocks were still top condition.
    Get local warranty as well. Its not worth saving a few hundred for a lesser product without local backing.
  3. Hens

    Hens Active Member Forum Sponsor

    these are on special fellas (only for gold BR RA only).
    save more than $100 of the listed price.
    PM me to order
  4. Trondabron

    Trondabron Administrator Forum Administrator

    Woop. :thumbup:
  5. MOR31

    MOR31 Well-Known Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Any real noticeable differance between the reds and golds. I know they have different specs but how they go in the real world side by side.
  6. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    Henry, is it true that the FTO coilovers have softer springs than the Lancer/Mirage ones?
    It seems anti intuitive that a heavier more sports oriented car would get softer springs but all the sites seem to support this claim
  7. BI65ND

    BI65ND Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Maybe it's because fto drivers are soft compared to lancer/mirage owners? :eek: :p

    You can get any spring rate you want for any car when you get coilovers from BC, you just have to specify when buying them instead of just clicking purchase when you see something on a website. I know if I'm spending over $1000 on something I'll usually contact the seller first.
  8. chowetime

    chowetime Active Member

    Hey Henry I am in need of some coil overs for the Evo 6 I am looking at theBC with spring rate of possibly 8kg front and 7kg rear... I have been reading a little about the valving accuracy on coil overs, do you test these to see that they are all very close or are they get you are given and hope for the best
  9. TPG

    TPG Member

    Too soft if you want to do track work.
    Plus if not even, put heavier springs in the rear.
    For track 10/10 is what I'd suggest.

    It is what MCA has recommended for mine.
  10. chowetime

    chowetime Active Member

    I also want to be able to do some road driving as well - so would like a little bit of comfort, on another site they sugessted that 8/8 was a good combo... but also I think it depends onn the type of coilover and what the valve are set up at to..what coilover are you using BC? and how is it for comfort as in 2 hour plus drives.
  11. Spetz

    Spetz Well-Known Member

    Christine, from what I read on the official BC website all dampers (except the V1s) are "dyno tested" and matched before being packaged in a set. They have a 5% tolerance between each other, and claim that others have a 13% tolerance level when matching dampers
  12. TPG

    TPG Member

    I'm using relatively soft tein SS. I think they are 6/6.

    I drove Perth to Adelaide on them...relatively comfy.

    However you can really tell at the track how much it pitches. I've been told the 10/10 from MCA are still good on the street. Time will tell once I get them in.

    It is one point letting my car down ay the moment, sucks doing track work knowing the setup isn't right for it.
  13. chowetime

    chowetime Active Member

    ok that sounds good then - just need to get Hens to contact me I have tried his FB account and here of course... thanks again for the info

    I have heard mixed reports about the Teins which leads me to believe that they mayy not be suitable for Australian roads too - but it sounds like you say 6/6 is too soft I think I might go 8/8 this will give me a good balance between track and street...

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