98 CE won't start immobiliser or ecu?

Discussion in 'CE Lancers and Mirages' started by Judy, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Judy

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    Hi. Lancer 98 ce hatch. My battery went flat. So replaced. Now it won't start. Got fuel to rail. Checked fuses under bonnet and relays near radio. They OK. Got spark. Got no injector pulse. Pulled radio out and immobiliser is hot. So since car been off thinking its suckin power and that's why battery went flat. So what I got to replace.. Or fix. Do I really got to replace my key and locks and ecu? And... ???no clue. I'm not 100% that its the problem just running out of options and something got to have flattened the old battery.. Cause i charged and seeems ok.. Thanks Judy.. Should I try to beg a code reader to read it.. Would that help? Would it tell me anything
  2. donki

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    Hi Judy,

    One quick way to check if its ECU or Immobiliser, is to turn the car on to Ignition (but dont start the car). In a normal working car the Check Engine Light will appear for about 2-4seconds, and then disappear. If the immobiliser is faulty, the Check Engine Light will flash off after those 2-4 seconds, and then reappear and stay on.
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  3. my car had problems with the immobilers
  4. Jakeyt89

    Jakeyt89 Member

    What did you do to fix this issue?
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  5. i disconnected the immobilizer
  6. Judy

    Judy New Member

    How did you disconnect the immobilizer .. Just unplug it.. Or? While I'm asking stuff. I got parts.. New locks ecu Snd key and I got another computer box thing in the kit. Where does it go. Where is it. Not the passenger seat one the other one. Also the check engine light is normal , not staying on
  7. Judy

    Judy New Member

    I should also add. Been driving my car. Crack it and bashed the computer with a screwdriver handle.. Now it starts. But was also pulling leads out to check so maybe that did it. No clue. It makes me nervous that I don't know why. Also the auto was weird after it decided to start again - like false neutrals when changing and lagging but its come good now too?? Why why why????
  8. ccturbo

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    To disconnect the immobiliser you need to reflash your ECU. The ECU goes in the passenger footwell, up behind and to the left of the glovebox. You can follow your engine loom from the firewall to the plugs, it'll be obvious once you're looking

    If the car drives then I wouldn't think the immobiliser is the problem.

    Regarding the difference/weirdness after you began driving again, your ECU learned tune would have reset when the battery died and has slowly re-learned how you drive which is why it seems normal again.
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