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Discussion in 'CG-CH Lancers' started by Lancersyes, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Lancersyes

    Lancersyes New Member

    Does anyone know if it's possible to do a 5 stud hub/rotor conversion on an ES using VRX hubs/rotors?

    If it can be done what will I need to rip off the VRX to port over to the ES?
  2. wagonmaster

    wagonmaster Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    It should be as easy as just swapping over the hubs/rotors as you say, gives you a better choice of aftermarket wheels compared to the 114.3 hubs, back in the early 2000's you had a better choice of wheels/ offsets for the ch lancers, but today the 5 stud conversion would seem better way to go for sure for larger range choice.
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  3. Lancersyes

    Lancersyes New Member

    Will I need to port ove control/trailing arms etc?
  4. wagonmaster

    wagonmaster Active Member Lifetime Premium Member

    Should just be a matter of bolt on, on front possibly only difference is abs front spline may be different, otherwise if non abs should be ok. I was going to help a mate do this conversion after Xmas, he has an es wagon disc brake standard but wants 5 stud, gather yours is sedan. Rear should bolt straight on, the whole assembly that is, front if non abs should be just as easy.
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  5. Marsh

    Marsh New Member

    I did 5 stud conversion on my es. Just grab rear hubs and disc. And front knuckles hubs etc. Works fine for me.

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