1. C


    I am currently in the middle of doing the 6a12 mivec conversion into a 2001 ce lancer. I am having trouble with the wiring side of things and need some advice when it comes to splicing the interior loom of the lancer into the fto engine loom. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks
  2. M

    Removing AC Compressor

    My AC Compressor has had it, and I wanna remove it, whats involved and where do I find a shorter belt once its removed I never use the AC anyways, car is a 2000 VRX Lancer Sedan 4G93 1.8L, I mainly just need a diagram of the drivebelt and some extra help with the process of elimating the AC...
  3. Steve99

    Gearbox/Shifting Issue

    Hey Guys I noticed when I first purchased my '98 Coupe that when I would shift from 1st to 2nd gear it would grind.. The only time it doesnt is when i double clutch.. Only does it once on a cold start. if i shift under 2000 rpm it doesn't grind.. but then will later. added a tube on g70 nulon...
  4. S

    Lancer cj es head unit swap

  5. Steve99

    lancer CE Questions

    Hello everyone New to the site and have a few questions to ask 1. Looking to change the Timing Belt/ water pump, would this kit be the correct one...
  6. M

    Mirage Instrument Cluster with Tacometer

    Hi, I have a 2003 Mirage which is great, but I really want to get a tacometer with it. From what I've read any Instrument cluster out of a Lancer Coupe with taco will fit, but I'm a bit confused on how to actually go about this. I've read other threads talking about blue wires, km modules and...
  7. Sam101

    Hey, Good to be Part of the Community

    Hey Everyone, nice to meet you. 22 Year old, uni student, part-time worker. Recently Purchased a new 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer ES Sport Sedan, 6 Speed CVT. Happy with my purchase, but looking to upgrade a few things soon etc. exhaust, air filter kit, RA Air Scoop etc. Anyone with any knowledge...
  8. Grinfelds

    4g93 turbo vs 4g94 turbo

    Hi guys I have a 97 lancer gli with a 4g15 engine in it. I really want to do a engine swap with either a 4g93 turbo or a 4g94 turbo. Can anyone tell me if it’s even possible and if so which one has more potential for power.
  9. Josh34

    Ce Mirage rear strut brace

    Just wondering what rear strut braces fit into a ce Mirage? I can't seem to find any info at all Do the Evo ones fit? Also does a Evo 7 front strut brace fit on the ce? Cheers
  10. D

    2017 Lancer parts

    Hey, Does anyone know any good sites to order parts from for the 2017 lancer? mainly exhaust but anything else would be appreciated
  11. E

    Cost of a seatbelt replacement 2011 SX

    Hi all, First time poster so apologies if this is the wrong place for this. My 2011 SXs drivers seatbelt has frayed over time. Have taken it in for service anyway through an authorized dealer and the quote they've given me to replace the belt is $900 in total. Is this at all reasonable? If so...
  12. pLethora

    Brake Upgrade Information V2.0

    After discussing with Donki who had originally created the first thread for this we agreed it would be best to create a new one for the information I have been working on. I have been compiling and cross refrencing information regarding brake upgrades recently and have been trying to get it to a...
  13. Harlow

    RPW Exhaust troubles.

    Hello auslancer! Im in desperate need of answers! I recently bought a RPW 4-1 Header system for the Lancer CH 2.4l , Everything was going smoothly till we got the exhaust off and realized we only have 2 o2 sensors not 3 like the extractors and Hiflow cat have. On the New Extractor / Hiflow...
  14. S

    My First Mitsubishi

    Hi everyone tomorrow i get my first Mitsubishi a 2010 ES SPort Lancer and was looking through this forum and cant wait to start modded and getting great advise off of people of the forum :)
  15. AaronGJ94

    Need help finding certain parts

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the name/brand of the (Ce) front bar below: I'm looking to find a (Ce) rear bar that looks similar to or matches the rear bar on this evo below: And finally I'm looking for the name of these (Ce) tail lights: Cheers
  16. Benny

    Advice on installing Bluetooth in my CJ 2010 VR Lancer

    Hi Guys! Hope you all are well. I have a 2010 CJ MY10 Lancer VR, and unfortunately it doesn't have Bluetooth as standard. I wanted to install Bluetooth so I can make handsfree calls in the car, and also to listen to music via my iPhone. I wanted to get some help/advice as to what options...
  17. B

    Lancer 1.5 ltr

    So I am fully aware of the *poo*tiness of this car but I was wondering if there is any possible mods that'll actually make this car a bit funner and quicker to drive. The option of a new engine is out the window, along with getting a turbo. I was just interested because I will have this car for a...
  18. T

    4G63 CC Lancer

    Hey guys I'm close to buying a 4g63t swapped lancer. I was just wondering if anyone could express their opinions on the value, reliability and risk (being a P player in nsw)in the car before I purchase the car.. Here is some stuff about the car.. *sorry for swearing* " I'll give ya the rough...
  19. T

    2.4L 2.5inch exhaust?

    Heya, I know there's a few exhaust threads.. but I own a 2.4L 2006 lancer and I went to the exhaust shop today with my idea of a 2.5inch pipe from the catback with a decent high flow muffler and a nice tip.. Instantly the guy shook his head and said nope what I need is a 2.25 inch as well as a...
  20. W

    CVT to Manual transmission. possible?

    Hi all New to Lancers and rather curious about them as I might want to modify my Lancer in the future. One of them being, is it possible to go from CVT to manual? I have a Lancer ES 2015 w/ CVT. I sometimes feel odd about CVT, I like it then at other times I don't *sigh*.... What I'm saying...