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  1. S

    Snels 4G93 swap

    Backstory: I've been helping a mate with a 4g93 swap into a CE mirage over the past couple months and due to neither of us having a lot of time and hes given up on it. I will be taking it from him if we can get it going soon so that I can drive it to mine before the rego runs out. I have done...
  2. CoopsTAS

    4G15 Mirage won't rev

    Hey guys i'm extremely new to this page just after some advice/help with my 2003 mirage... So I bought this car a couple days ago and it's been running like clock work until last night when a mate decided he'd try and be funny and pull 2 plug leads off.. Car hesitated to start at first then...
  3. D

    2017 Lancer parts

    Hey, Does anyone know any good sites to order parts from for the 2017 lancer? mainly exhaust but anything else would be appreciated